Client Testimonials


RE: The Bath Connection
4218 N Sheridan Road
Suite B
Peoria, Il. 61614

In a time when we all to often hear about businesses that take advantage of our trusting elderly citizens I wanted to take the time to tell you about a business that is not only trustworthy but does exceptional work at a reasonable price.

Rod Dawson and the workers at The Bath Connection are just that business. My parents are both over 85 years old and live in Washington, Il. Their first encounter with Mr. Dawson and The Bath Connection was to have them remodel their bathroom. The remodel was done on time and within budget. The cleaned up completely and there were no hidden costs, or missing articles from my parents’ home.

The next issue that needed attention was to move their washer and dryer from the basement to the unheated garage. Again Mr. Dawson and his team not only delivered on time and in budget but this job required them to move plumbing and insulate pipes in the family room so they would not freeze in the winter. They had to do a build out into the family room to make room for said pipes. It was so professional I didn’t even notice the corner was changed on my next visit.

During the washer and dryer work my parents mentioned they would like to have a half door put in at the basement entrance to help avoid any accidental falls. This job too was done in the manner we had come to expect from The Bath Connection. It is so wonderful to know there are businesses out there that are all we hope every business will be.

My family is very grateful to Mr. Dawson and his crew for their outstanding quality, service and ethical behavior. As I said, we too often hear about the bad guys and how they take advantage of senior citizens and I wanted to be sure the good news about a good business got out there too. I would recommend them to anyone looking for these types of services.

Thank you for getting the good news out there.

Seattle, WA
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