Whirlpool Tubs

Therapeutic Luxuries

Massage your muscles with an invigorating whirlpool tub. Adjustable jets pump water in various therapeutic intensities to relax tired muscles. Bath-Tec whirlpools feature chemically treated, antibacterial piping, inhibiting the growth of bacteria for a safe bathing environment.
UltrAir tubs are also available at The Bath Connection. These air massage systems blow pre-heated air into your bath water, creating thousands of bubbles and a soft massage for the entire body.
Dual system whirlpools and UltrAir bathtubs are also available for individuals interested in a system that combines both the whirlpool and air massage systems into one unit. These systems can be operated independently or at the same time.
Any whirlpool tub is also available in soaker tub styles.